Mr Peter Bourne | Copywriting Digital Content Creation Editing and Communication Vaud, Switzerland and UK
mrpeterbourne, content and communication specialist based in Vaud, Switzerland. Expertise in digital, copywriting, editing, corporate and brand identities, tone and voice, PR and media relations.
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mr. peter bourne
Vaud, CH / UK
me [at]
My Latest Words
Mount Makalu, Nepal. Photo: Peter Bourne

I produce content – copywriting, editing, storytelling and crafted words – to deliver messages which inspire and resonate.
In parallel, I content market, devise and deliver communication strategies and implement social media campaigns. The digital environment is my domain.

I specialise in sport.
Everything is tailored. I don’t ‘do’ copy and paste. Never.

noun: wordsmith; plural noun: wordsmiths
a skilled user of words.

My words have provided brands with a clear voice, rendered niche subjects accessible, created clarity where there was confusion, inspired curiosity in the oblivious, allowed the disconnected to communicate, enabled content to be social and SEO-efficient, delivered on the most demanding of deadlines.

I specialise in sport. My content has served international federations, leading sponsors, brands and event organisers. Content has married images, still and motion, formed corporate identities, guided advertising and social media strategies, structured websites, engaged consumers and inspired the media.

Above all, I believe in simplicity. I’m not one for complicating my life or yours. Lets get to the point together, creating content which inspires, drives and glides through the murky waters of content complicators and strategists.

I am based in Switzerland, working internationally.

Need words, need content?

Get in touch at: me (at)

Content – Curation, Digital, Inbound marketing, Social / Editing / Storytelling / Words

Brand Identity / Communication (external, internal, corporate, B2B, B2C) /
Media Relations & PR / Translation (French/Italian – English) / SEO

Sport / Lifestyle / Luxury

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mr. peter bourne

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